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  • Covid19 Food distribution Day 2020 – Radio Report

    This radio report was aired on June 5th 2020, in one of the local radio stations about the food distribution at Joyhome school, and the circumstances that have led to this hunger situation spreading in the area.

    “ Some 63 residents from Mutonyora area A have received food from Joyhome School have shown their gratitude saying that the have been experiencing food shortage.
    One resident says, “ I have received 8 kgs of maize flour, 4 kgs wheat flour and cooking oil and maize grain. Life has not been easy, we have been struggling but having received this donation we have some days covered before the Corona Virus diseases is over. We have been following the government directives such as washing hands and using masks while maintaining social distance.
    We experienced heavy rains that have left our land too wet destroying the food crops, sweeping some crops away and now there’s no crop left in the farms.”

    Areas such as Mutonyora A and others in the Magumu Ward are some of the most affected by the flooding due to heavy rains and this has caused them to experience food shortage.
    Another resident shares her gratitude, “ I have really been blessed today, May God bless the donors for remembering us and sharing with us.
    This time the rain was too heavy, I swept away our crop and that the reason we have this shortage. We are waiting for the weather to favor us and then we can start planting and in the next three months we shall be harvesting.”

    James Muiruri, one of the directors of the school explains why Joyhome school took the initiative to offer food donations to the families, “ We have seen how parents and children are struggling during these hard times of Covid-19. We thought it wise to support them through food donations since they are the reason for our existence as a school. This is our way of partnership and support to this families.
    The rains have been quite heavy this season and instead of the usual plentiful of food, this time we have experienced shortage especially because of the flooding that has been experienced here in Mutonyora and it’s environs. Most food crops were swept away while some have been rotting in the farms. That has made the livelihood of the community here quite hard and that’s why we have come to support them.”

    Inooro Fm, from Nyandarua County. Story by James Matheri

  • Covid19 – Food Distribution Day 2020

    Food Distribution Day, June 4th 2020, At Joyhome School Mutonyora, Magumu Ward, South Kinangop Constituency, Nyandarua County ,Kenya.
    Covid-19 effects have been felt globally with most countries going on lockdown to minimize the spread of the deadly disease. This has been the case in Kenya for the last couple of months beginning mid March 2020. Many families have been adversely affected, many people are not able to go to work, some have lost their jobs and many who are casual labourers not able to make ends meet.

    When the first case was recorded in Kenya, the government recommended closing of all learning institution due to the infectious nature of COVID-19. With children being at home, breadwinners not able to provide for their families, the situation has been dire. The government has through a suplimentary budget tried to support it’s citizens in the low income and no income brackets but this has not been enough.

    It is in this regard that we the Joyhome School, through the leadership of Serah Roth, decided to conduct a food drive to support the families of children attending Joyhome School, who are some of those affected, as well as the community neighboring Joyhome School. The food donation program launched on our Facebook page, through the contribution of many well-wishers managed to raised 1’290 Swiss Francs equivalent to 142’158 KES.

    This has enabled us to start the food distribution from Thursday, June 4th 2020. Sixty three (63) families from the school have benefited from this program. This will cushion the families for approximately two weeks.
    Each family would take home the following package;

    • 4 packets of maize flour (8kg.)
    • 2 packets of wheat flour (4kg)
    • 1 bottle of cooking oil (1ltr.)
    • Maize grain (4kg.)

    The Area Chief was in attendance during the distribution to supervise the process and ensure the government rules and recommendations are adhered to. In another two weeks, we shall organise a second food distribution.

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